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LIBERON Retouch And Revive WAX FILLER STICK 00 – White FR Art. 121963


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Liberon’s filling wax stick is suitable for waxed and varnished wood and laminate. Fills cracks, holes and scratches. The product molds easily when heated. Also fills the holes with friction, so heating is not needed.

  • genuine carnauba wax
  • heats up from friction
  • for varnished and waxed wood
  • suitable for laminate surfaces

Liberon’s filling wax stick is suitable for all untreated, varnished, painted and waxed wood qualities and wood derivatives, such as laminate. Filling wax can be used to fill cracks, holes, grooves, scratches and nail holes. The product can be used, for example, on furniture, frames, doors, tables, chairs, logs, panels and on floors such as parquet and laminate. The product takes shape easily when you warm it in your hand or by running hot water over it. It also fills the holes with friction, so it doesn’t need to be heated. Remove excess wax from the edges of the filled cavity immediately after application, for example with Liberon steel wool Nr. 0000. After application, let the wax dry for 15 minutes. Finally, polish with a lint-free cloth or polishing brush. For larger repairs, Liberon’s wood putty is recommended.