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LIBERON Fine Wood Stripper 500ml FR Art.121992


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Liberon Stripper is a very effective gel-like paint and varnish remover, gentle on wood. The substance is effective for all types of varnish and paint.

  • paint and varnish remover
  • effective on all paint qualities
  • effective on all types of varnish
  • gentle on wooden surfaces

Liberon Stripper removes old paint and varnish from wooden and metal surfaces. The product is gentle on wood and delicate surfaces. Vigorous scraping is not required. Thanks to its jelly-like composition, it is easy to work on vertical surfaces as well. To speed up the effect of the paint remover, thick paint surfaces can be broken with a brass brush or coarse sandpaper. On curved surfaces, the paint can be removed more easily using, for example, Liberon No:2 steel wool instead of a scraper or spatula. Do not use the product in direct sunlight or on plastic surfaces. The substance takes effect in 5 minutes. The processing time is about 30 minutes. Product coverage 1l / 4m2.